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About Me

I'm a marketing executive by day, blogger by night. I hope to inspire, connect, and learn from all that come in contact with this blog.

Cheers, Taylor

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tj maxx holiday gift guide

TJ Maxx Holiday Gift Guide

You didn’t think I could get through the holidays without making a TJ Maxx gift guide did you? While many people always ask me tips & tricks for TJ Maxx – what a lot of people don’t realize is the beauty that is their WEBSITE. It’s fairly new, but full of tons of great items that you find in the store (and sometimes even better stuff!). I got a pair of Celine sunnies from TJ…

fall engagement shoot in texas

6 Months of Marriage

  6 months. I cannot believe we have been married that long, yet some days I feel like we’ve been married forever.  They said the first year is the hardest, and I have to say I already agree with them. Not because I don’t love my husband, or because marriage is too hard – but because we are just SO busy. When we got married in May, I left my job downtown and my cozy…

underthewelltayloredlife.com under $100 gift guide for women

Under $100 Holiday Gift Guide

  Ahhh, my favorite team of year is upon us. While holiday shopping is quite possibly one of the most fun things I can imagine, for some shopping is literal hell and they have no idea where to start with their gifting list. I am here to help! I put together a few of my favorite things right now for your besties, sister, mom, aunt, you name it.   Jasmine Tassel Drops  – These earrings…

fall fashion at tjmaxx

Fall Fashion with TJMaxx

  Let me start this post by saying, sorry for not steaming this skirt. But ya know, life. Normally, at least 1 or 2 pieces of my outfit come from either TJMaxx or Marshalls. This outfit? Every single item except my top and my shades came from those glorious stores that I seem to get a shopping high from the moment I walk through the door. If this is your first time reading one of…

Great Coffee Table Books at TJ Maxx

Great Coffee Table Books for Less

Coffee Table Books. They may or may not be one of my many home decor obsessions. I love that they can easily add a pop of color to a room (even though the majority of my house revolves around blush, white, and gold), and they are great to stack picture frames on or just have displayed on a stand. The possibilities are endless! But..here is what I don’t love about them. They can be a…